Rule 11?


So… Is this an actual thing? The last day when I was decently porked was in a time and place so long ago.

Saturday I have actually hung out with two brothers. Somewhere along that day, there was indeed more than an hour of us experiencing over an hour of boredom whilst sitting on the couch. Apparently I missed out on an opportunity of some well deserved indecent behavior. With either of the brothers, or just both.

Yesterday I spent over an hour at a boring event, while sitting next to a friend of the opposite gender who is at least twice my age. Should  I have let them wrinkly balls pork me? I don’t think I have old-man-philia.

If I had known rule 11 is an actual thing, I missed out on a lot of porking opportunites this weekend.


Have you heard of rule 11? What do you think of it? Have you applied rule 11 with some friend of the opposite gender yourself? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment!

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