Confession #6

Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions. Sexy images of Steve Smith banging Roger Smith. Zootopia characters mating in the back seat of the car. Orcs having orgies. Yup, I’ve watched it all. Holy shit, I’m a twisted fuck that gets turned on by the most fucked up things and […]

Rule 11?

So… Is this an actual thing? The last day when I was decently porked was in a time and place so long ago. Saturday I have actually hung out with two brothers. Somewhere along that day, there was indeed more than an hour of us experiencing over an hour of boredom whilst sitting on the […]

Confession #4

I am so used to people not wanting to have a conversation or listen to me,  whenever I sit with someone new  I tend to just smile and nod. Because I was always told to just “keep the story short and respond with yes or no only.”

Confession #2

I haven’t had sex for 6 years and noticed quite recently that young men turn me on. There’s something disturbingly sexy about a boy who is about to go through the aftershocks of puberty. It just makes me wet thinking about it.